Google Drive on the Raspberry Pi using Grive

Google still hasn't released a Google Drive client for Linux (and when they do, it won't necessarily run on an ARM chip) so the best option I've found so far is Grive - an open source client.  It syncs with Google Drive, although doesn't "watch" for changes, so it needs to be run regularly (e.g. on a cron-job).

Diving straight ahead into installation...

Install the dependencies (this was sufficient for my Pi, running Raspbian): [...]

Running multiple copies of Dropbox in Linux (at the same time!)

Multiple copies of dropbox in Linux

TL;DR: Grab the attached script, and use it to install and/or run additional Dropbox instances in Linux! (It gives you usage instructions if you run it with no parameters)

I use Dropbox. My wife also uses Dropbox. We wanted to use Dropbox at the same time, on the same computer, without needing to have separate user accounts. [...]

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